Wednesday, October 28, 2020


  • Discuss Healthy Hometown... The conference call with this will be at 5:30 on Monday, November 2nd.  A representative from Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield will share with us some options for a HH program kickoff within our School Community (White, Toronto, Astoria).
  • Generated ideas for the 2020-2021 school year... monthly emails to all students and staff (members will take turns sending), training more students how to use weight room equipment during Dolphin Time, provide assistance for mental health needs (without focusing on Covid), use the bulletin board by Arnie's office to post information and resources (where could we have something like this in Toronto?), and bringing in someone from Extension to show kids how to make healthy meals and snacks (Sherri is sending contact information).
Friday, September 6, 2019


  • We generated names of students to talk to about joining our committee.  Dr. Kludt will talk with the students in White.  In Toronto, Mr. Boer will find a more suitable way for students to inform and participate in our committee's activities.

  • Ms. Scalise and Mr. Landmark reported on their curriculum work and planning session held earlier.  They will be organizing the following events for this school year:

    • Ms. Scalise will start a Fit for Life Program at the elementary school.  Students will earn prizes (healthy prizes like activity passes to the bowling alley, golf course, and swimming pool) for logging activity points on a monthly calendar.  Wellness committee members will be calling businesses (bowling alleys (Brookings / White), Larson Ice Arena, Nature Park, Days Inn (pool), SDSU Wellness Center, Childrens' Museum, golf courses (Hendricks / White / Brookings) to request student pass donations.
    • Ms. Scalise and Mr. Landmark will organize several halftime shows at events such as football and basketball games.  These halftime shows will be a time when elementary students can demonstrate healthy activity such as dancing, etc.
    • We will be contacting a few different organizations (such as the National Guard) to see if they would like to sponsor this program through purchase of t-shirts for students.  The t-shirt would be a prize students earn.
    • Mr. Landmark will provide "Staff Physical Development Time" during each pink day and inservice day!  This will be a great way for the staff to have fun together while learning and practicing some healthy habits.
Thursday, February 28, 2019


  • Review SDSU Assessment

    • Plan outdoor enhancements (greenhouse in White / community garden in Toronto)
  • Plan March to the Final Four Event - Kickoff March 18

  • Plan District Field Day - May 10

  • Plan Couch to 5K - May 11

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


  • Plan Health Fair / Step Challenge / Walk to the Final Four Event
Thursday, September 14, 2018


  • Discuss additions and revisions from Health and PE Curriculum Review

  • Discuss Smart Snacks

  • Discuss next steps and committee purpose and goals

  • Finalize Wellness Policy

  • Action Items:

    • Tim C. and Haley S. will begin sharing health tips with classroom teachers throughout the district.
    • Kimberly K. will finalize policy and present to school board for approval during October Board Meeting (10-8-18)
    • Team members will continue to share resources and build resources list for teachers, parents, and students.
    • Building Principals will ensure all snacks in vending machines are Smart Snack approved.
    • Team members will attempt to find and post additional informational / promotional / educational materials for students in both buildings so students are better able to make healthy choices.
    • Kimberly K. will research the viability of having our students complete the SD Youth Risk Behaviors Survey.

Members Present: Kimberly Kludt, Paul Nepodal, Jon Boer, Haley Scalise, Tim Cariveau, Jolene Landmark, Shari Landmark

Thursday, August 30, 2018


  • Review Policy from SD DOE / Create Deubrook Area School District Wellness Policy

  • Action Item:

    • Tim C. and Haley S. will meet and review the Health and PE curriculum and report back at next meeting.

Members Present: Kimberly Kludt, Paul Nepodal, Jon Boer, Haley Scalise, Tim Cariveau, Jolene Landmark, Shari Landmark, Senior Student

October 4, 2023

Wellness Committee Agenda

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 @ 7:30

1.     SDSU Wellness Assessment… Jessica Meendering

Jessica Meendering, PhD, ACSM-EP

Associate Professor of Exercise Science

Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences

South Dakota State University

2.     What we do well… from the group (see below from Haley and Brock’s conversation last Friday)

3.     What we need to do better… from the group (see below from Haley and Brock’s conversation last Friday)

·        What we do well

o   Salad bar and school lunch options/meals – good variety of meals

o   Daily PE/Health for students

o   Recess opportunities for elementary students

o   Offering strength & conditioning as an elective

o   Plenty of movement opportunities for students across all grade levels

·        What we need to do better

o   Offering more nutrient-rich options in the vending machine (protein bars, muscle milk, microwavable breakfast sandwiches, etc.)

§  We would like to see a list of options to put in the vending machine. Then we can push that out to students and survey what they would like to have in the machines.

o   Sugar free drinks (i.e. Powerade zero)

o   Outdoor fitness park – possibly have a grant written for this?

·        Things we can do better this year

o   Reevaluate the options in the vending machine

o   Offer 15-20 minute movement for staff during in-service days – have options of activities for staff to pick from

o   Specified weight room hours – use key fobs to help keep weight room locked outside of designated hours

o   Every teacher needs to have a deck of cards, per Mr. Landmark 😆

4.     Next Steps

Wellness Committee Minutes

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 @ 7:30

·       SDSU Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences will do a health assessment at the elementary on 10-6 and the JH/HS on 10-13-23.  The results will be shared with the Wellness Team, the School Board, and the Staff.  Results will be used to inform District health and wellness decisions. 

o   Jessica Meendering, PhD, ACSM-EP, Associate Professor of Exercise Science, Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences, South Dakota State University

·       Dr. Kludt is working with McKeever Vending to ensure that the items included in the two vending machines in White are Smart Snack Approved.

o   Smart Snack Calculator -

o   Tools for Schools -

·       Additions from Wellness Team Members to the notes from Mr. Landmark and Ms. Lunden (see text in red above)

What do we do well…

·       Water bottles in class… and fillers!

·       Vending machine offerings

·       Offering breakfast in White… sharing food they don’t want

o   Putting fridge in CA for extra milk / refrigeration-required items left over from other students

·       Field day… outreach for parents and interaction between ages of kids

·       Fitness/Health related field trips

o   Pickleball

o   Snap

o   Water aerobics

·       High percentage of students take strength and conditioning class

·       Noon activity time for all students… lots of kids really take advantage of this!

·       Lots of choice for PE classes… Mr. Landmark gives students choices and allows them to do activities they really like

·       Kids vote on PE options

·       Now have a track – will have archery and pickleball

Think about adding:

·       Adding options for 5th-6th grade

o   Come with HS on his field trips

§  Add to transition process (6th / juniors)

o   Have their own field trips

o   Have competition events

·       Increase wellness activity during inservice times

·       Survey the staff… what do you want from us to help you to be heathy and well. 

·       How to reach / encourage those students who are resistant.  (choice)

Smart Snack

            Do we want a vending machine at Toronto?

Outdoor Activity Space / Grant / Wishlist / Donors Choose

Next meeting – Wednesday, October 18th at 7:30