Our committee strives to:
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices

  • Provide information and resources for students, staff, families, and community members

  • Empower our students, staff, families and communities to make conscious decisions which will positively impact their health and overall well-being

  • Plan fun and engaging activities which promote healthy lifestyles and choices

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in joining our wellness committee... OR If you would like to suggest an activity or resource... Please contact Dr. Kimberly Kludt

Staff Members

​This report provides a review of Deubrook Area School District's healthy nutrition and activity wellness environment as determined by the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Laboratory team in cooperation with school partners conducted on December 12-13, 2022. The accomplishments and opportunities identified in these reports are based on current best practices to support healthy schools, specifically in wellness categories related to physical activity and nutrition. We applaud the great number of successful healthy school practices and policies currently happening at Deubrook Area School District. Any of the suggested opportunities for growth may be used as starting points to initiate positive change within the school environment and to further promote the health and well-being of Deubrook students and community.


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